Rugby League

OurLearning Zone

OurLearning Zone is the RFL’s online space to support the development of the game – a place to connect all members of the Rugby Football League community and allow everyone to learn from one another and share best practice. The platform offers members instant access to digital learning resources and information via smartphone, tablet and PC on an array of topics such as the Coach Right Course, first aid training, coach development and the new Game Day Manager course.

Anyone wanting to find out more and access the OurLearning Zone needs to be registered as a coach or a volunteer on the RFL GameDay system. Once GameDay registration is complete, users must also create an Our League account from where they enter the OurLearning Zone.

Please Note

In the video above it is assumed that you are already registered on GameDay for the current season as a Coach, Volunteer or Match Official and have an Our League account with the same email address.

Step 1

In order to be eligible to use OurLearning Zone you need to be registered on GameDay for the current season as a Coach, Volunteer or Match Official.

Please Note: You must have been registered on GameDay for at least 24 hours before moving to Step 2.

For more information on registering on GameDay please click here.

Step 2

In order to access OurLearning Zone you need to be a member of Our League. 

Our League is free to join and can be accessed here:

If you are already a member of Our League please go to Step 3.

Please Note: You must use the same email address to create your Our League account as you have used to register on GameDay.  If this is not the case please contact:

You must also have verified your email address as part of the sign up process to Our League.  If you have not verified your email address you will be prompted to do so when you log into your Our League account.

Step 3

Log in to you Our League account and select the OurLearning Zone tab.

Step 4

Click on the red Link OurLearning Zone Account button.

Once you account is linked the button will change to Login to Our Learning Zone.   

Please Note: You only need to link your account once.  The next time you access OurLearning Zone you will only see the Login to Our Learning Zone button.

Step 5

Click the Login to Our Learning Zone button and you will be taken through to Our Learning Zone. 

Step 6

Once you have accessed your OurLearing Zone account you will find that you have two groups available please click on the Welcome To Our Learning Zone group.

Step 7

After accessing the Welcome to Our Learning Zone Group you will find further information on how to use Our Learning Zone and have the option to join other groups through the What Groups can I join resource.

For the Game Day Manager course join the Community Game Group, for the Coach Right courses join the E-Learning Group and for coaching content please join the Coach Development Group.

Having Problems?

If you are having problems gaining access to OurLearning Zone please make sure you have done the following things: 

  • You are registered either as a coach, volunteer or match official in the current season on GameDay
  • If you have registered on GameDay very recently please allow 24 hours before attempting to log into the OurLearning Zone portal
  • The e-mail address you have registered on GameDay is the same as the one registered on your Our League membership
  • You have verified your e-mail address on Our League

If you are sure you have done all of these things then please feel free to email with screen grabs of the problems you are experiencing.