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26 Nov 2019

Featherstone and Wakefield launch 'Celebrating Difference' project

Featherstone and Wakefield launch 'Celebrating Difference' project

Featherstone Rovers and Wakefield Trinity, today, launch their ‘Celebrating Difference’ project in partnership with the Rugby Football League.

The partnership will support learning amongst primary aged children with the aim of highlighting the effects of making judgment on people and how we can make the right choices in our daily lives.

The project will be supported by the Featherstone Rovers Foundation and Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation along with professional Rugby League players. The project will support the SEAL initiative in primary schools with the aim of improving positive behaviour and the emotional well-being amongst Year Six children in schools based within the Wakefield District.

The project will offer an interactive learning experience for children, allowing them to discuss the many differences in people who live within their own communities. The children will discuss differences that may be based on culture, religion, physical, spiritual, personality or health related.

The two professional Rugby League clubs will work together to celebrate the differences in spectators attending games on a regular basis - it’s imperative that the younger supporters are fully aware of the positive behaviour expected of them in everyday life as well as sporting environments.

David Connor, the RFL’s Director of People, said: “Congratulations to Featherstone and Wakefield for this joint initiative. It’s great to see clubs working together, and using their influence to such positive effect in the local communities in which they have been established for so long. Inclusion and Diversity is a key priority for the Rugby Football League, working with our clubs and through the Enjoy the Game campaign.”

Davide Longo, CEO of Featherstone Rovers, said: “Featherstone Rovers are excited to be involved in this project. All sporting clubs across the UK have issues in their stadiums and most of it comes down to ignorance and lack of education of the individuals involved. Raising awareness and education in people at a young age will hopefully aid their development in their adult lives.”

Craig Shepherd, Head of Foundation at Wakefield Trinity, said: “We appreciate that many people across the district respect Wakefield Trinity and the players who don the shirt on a weekly basis. It is our responsibility to deliver positive messaging to the people in the communities we serve to tackle national and global issues like these. No two people are the same, regardless of their background and where they come from. Why not celebrate that diversity?”