Environment Sustainability and Technological Innovations

The Indian cement industry’s list of accomplishments in sustainability is nothing short of remarkable. Be it adoption of new technologies to reduce emissions, efforts to align with strict environmental standards or utilising other industries’ waste produce, the cement industry has set an example for all other manufacturing industries in the country. With 99 per cent of its total capacity based on modern and environment-friendly dry process technology, the Indian cement industry is in a leading position on global emission reduction indices. The CMA Environment and Sustainability committee works with industry stakeholders and facilitates dialogue on technological innovation, regulation on emission standards, use of waste and other alternative fuel among others.


For an industry which holds a 10% share of the global market, and is the third largest volume product loader of the Indian Railways, a high demand profile builds a case for multi-modal options for transport. Logistics makes for a significant factor in the cement industry with freight and forwarding making up about 20% of retail cost. The industry’s transport intensive nature is driven by its inherent requirement to move raw materials as well as finished goods.

Mines and Minerals

The Cement Industry depends extensively on various minerals which are key input materials. The objective of the Committee is to proactively participate in policy making and its implementation to ensure raw material security with sustainable access to cement grade materials.

Energy and Fuel

Climate change and the nation’s sustainability goals have been driving concerted efforts by the Indian cement industry to reduce its energy and power consumption apart from enhancing its usage of Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials. In addition, the cement industry is also one of the largest consumers of fly ash and steel plant slag, and is making efforts to include municipal solid waste and bio mass into its fuel mix. The CMA Committee on Fuels and Energy facilitates dialogue with the government on emission target policies and tools deployed to achieve them.