Waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat might become the norm for some anxiety sufferers. Though night sweats are often associated with hot flashes and menopause, there are many other reasons people have them. They can be triggered by medications like those used to treat depression and diabetes. Conditions like autoimmune disorders, HIV/AIDS, Leukemia are just a few that are also associated with night sweats.

Using pajamas made to keep you cool can actually help regulate temperature and moisture, making the nights more tolerable. The following several brands created sleepwear to help you stay dry during night sweats.

Cool-jams Moisture Wicking Scoop Neck Nightshirt/Cover-up
Cool-jams Nightshirt is made of micro-fiber smart fabric that feels silky soft on the skin while also being moisture-wicking. The lightweight design is wrinkle-free, making it packable. Cool-jams has plenty of other options if a cover-up is not what you’re looking for. They even sell cooling bedding.

Lusome Elsa Chemise
Lusome was created by Lara Smith after witnessing health issues arising amongst her family and friends. A mix of functionality and beauty, Lusome wants women to not feel less desirable because of night sweats. This chemise is flattering and flirty. Xirotex, exclusive to the brand, offers extreme moisture and odor control. They claim it draws sweat away up to 10x faster than competing brands.

Yala Norah Long Sleeve Pajama Set
Made of bamboo viscose jersey, this pajama set will help you feel cool and comfortable. Its draping makes it feel like a second skin. Created with organic material and low impact dye, the clothing was sewn in factories with quality working conditions.

Fisher’s Finery Women’s Original EcoFabric Full Length Pajama Set
Fishery’s Finery uses EcoFabric that’s made of mostly bamboo viscose and organic cotton to promote moisture-wicking so you can feel fresh. This long sleeve set features a cute button-front that’s trimmed in classic piping. The waist is elastic, so it fits comfortably. No harmful chemicals are used, preventing reactions.

Lunya Washable Silk Set
Lunya’s set is made of naturally thermoregulating silk that helps you maintain comfortable body temperature. The top features a low back to allow for more ventilation. An added bonus is that this set is machine washable!