The CMA Member Companies Covid initiatives driven by
4Ps: Prevention, Preparedness, Protection and Partnership

as on May 18, 2021

Indian Cement industry, having world’s second largest Cement manufacturing capacity, has been always known for robust business practices as well as trusting relations with its stakeholders. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed before the nation biggest health and economic challenge. Thus, a public-private sector joint initiative becomes mandatory to protect the people, maintain business continuity, and guard the society. In this time of chaos and uncertainty, the Cement Industry has come forward to support and augment the measures to curb the spread of COVID, serving and strengthening the communities and markets in tangible ways.

Community Outreach

A combat the situation at the grassroot level, CMA Member Companies have disseminated masks, personal protective equipment, sanitisers and carried out mass sanitisation drives as preventive steps. Wherever possible, companies have been working with women led co-operatives in the villages to get masks stitched, thereby providing them with a source of income in these hard times to ensure public safety. Companies have also engaged in providing meals, ration supplies and other essentials to feed the vulnerable communities. The Industry has also supported the migrants and casual labourers by providing them food supplies and free meals.

Companies also created large scale awareness campaigns on social distancing and hygiene, which are critical steps for us as a nation to fight the disease. Special awareness sessions and programmes were conducted for MGNREGA workers, truck drivers, farmers and nearby villagers. Companies also organised camps for mental health and wellbeing for people experiencing fear in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contribute to medical infrastructure

Supporting the Government’s COVID-19 vaccination programme, CMA Member Companies facilitated in vaccinating of at-risk community members, frontline workers and staff in Phase-2 of the national immunisation drive. They have also been working closely with the local authorities and hospitals in and around our areas of operations for arranging for ventilators, oxygen concentrators and other essential medical supplies. CMA Member Companies have also come forward to create isolation facilities and Covid Care Centre that are equipped with medical supervision. This will help reduce the burden on hospitals while providing acute care for the patients in need.

Support existing and local structures

The cement Industry also has contributed heavily towards central and local non-profit bodies working to combat COVID with the intent to create a far reaching impact. The aid is aimed at helping the government and local bodies in procuring essential relief material, augmenting testing initiatives, steering vaccination drive, providing protective gears for frontline heroes and upgrading medical facilities.

Leverage core competencies to create value

A sudden spike in the numbers of those affected by the second wave of the pandemic has led to hospitals in several states reeling under a shortage of medical oxygen. The Industry has come forward to provide medical grade oxygen to various healthcare facilities to treat Covid-19 patients through its preexisting oxygen plants or have set up special plants to augment oxygen supply.

The Cement Industry is committed to make a positive difference. It remains committed to social responsibility of supporting and helping the community. On the ground, while the Cement Industry is mobilising substantial local relief efforts in the communities where we operate, it is also collaborating at the local government and district level to bring in strategic reforms to fight COVID.

To summarise, the Cement Industry’s contribution can be broadly outlined by 4Ps – Prevention, Preparedness, Protection and Partnership where in prevention entails creating awareness to prevent the onset, preparedness in all health measures to respond to COVID-19, protection of impacted population through proper healthcare facilities and partnership with local and non-profit bodies for swift and coordinated efforts.