Micellar water has quickly become a skincare staple. Its versatile formula allows you to nourish skin without much thought or effort. Also, it cleanses the skin effortlessly without leaving it feeling overstripped.
Benefits of Micellar Water
Micellar water is a versatile and generally well-tolerated product that can be skincare’s equivalent of a white t-shirt. It can instantly break down makeup and cleanse the skin, all with a gentle formula.
Great for All Skin Types
Micellar waters are suitable for all skin types. You can opt for an all-purpose formula or find a product that’s specifically formulated for your skin type. Regardless, micellar water is a product almost everyone can benefit from their routines.

This versatile water can come in handy for cleansing skin on the go or help sharpen up your eyeliner.
Reduce the Need for Makeup Wipes
Makeup wipes are convenient to use in a rut but can quickly create a wasteful habit. Micellar water can cleanse the skin just as well as makeup wipes, decreasing the need for them.

Pair your micellar water with reusable cotton rounds to promote a more conscious skincare routine. This dynamic duo will come in handy whenever you find yourself in a pinch.
Gentle & Effective
Micellar water can boost the skin’s hydration levels while removing traces of dirt, sebum, and makeup. In addition, its gentle formula effectively removes the toughest sunscreen or workday from the face.

Healthline states, “this is due to the presence of micelles, which are compounds that are highly effective at removing dirt and oil to keep clear. Micelles can also increase your skin’s permeability, allowing cleanser to reach deeper layers of the skin.
Ideal for Double-Cleansing
Micellar water can take your double-cleansing routine to the next level. It can quickly break down the first layer of makeup or sunscreen to make way for a deeper cleanse. You can also shop for oil-based micellar water to eliminate makeup or grime.

Micellar water is a super-hero product for removing eye makeup because it can get into the crevasses of each eyelash for an effective cleanse.
Top-Rated Micellar Waters
So what are the top-rated micellar waters?

Magazines, online publications, and Tiktok accounts all claim the most iconic micellar water is from Bioderma and Garnier. Each brand caters to a specific demographic, and their products are high-performing and gentle on the skin.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution ($18.99, shop here):

Bioderma is known for its iconic pink micellar water bottle.

The Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution for Sensitive Skin has a chokehold on the beauty industry. This French pharmacy product nourishes the skin while eliminating traces of makeup and dirt.

It has high-quality ingredients like Fatty Acid Esters that cleanse the skin and leave a supple finish. Fatty Acid Esters can increase the skin’s hydrolipidic film thanks to micelles. It’s easy to use, doesn’t sting the eyes, and has a no-rinse formula.

Bioderma claims you can use the product every day at any time. Soak a cotton round in the product, get to cleansing, and gently swipe the face until the pad is clean. Then, carry on with the rest of your routine.

The Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water is the go-to French pharmacy product.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 ($10.49, shop here):

Not all French Pharmacy products will fit into a budget, but Garnier has a cost-effective solution.

Garnier is the second brand to take the micellar water industry by storm. They’ve created an affordable alternative to your favorite French micellar waters.

The Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 is suitable for all skin types and safe for eyes, lips, and face. You can shop in multiple sizes to purchase bulk to never run out of this vanity staple. It’s also a fan-favorite drugstore product.

Micelles will efficiently cleanse oil, dirt, debris, sunscreen, and makeup, you name it. For example, you can soak a cotton pad with the All-in-1 Micellar Water and hold it on the eyes to remove makeup without rubbing or you can glide it across the face.