Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA) is the apex body of large (1 million tonnes capacity per annum and more) cement manufacturers in India. We play a catalytic role in bridging the gap between the authorities and the Indian Cement Industry to foster national development. While upholding the cause of the Industry, CMA works in tandem with the government in shaping various policy matters in relation to cement.

CMA activities deliver quality across the value chain to assist members in navigating the dynamic regulatory and business landscape. All of CMA’s activities are geared towards assisting the Indian Cement Industry in growing its footprint/influence through a combination of proactive policy advocacy and information about best-in-class innovations and advancements in the global industry.

CMA’s objective is to provide members a consolidated voice on environmental issues, logistics, taxation, alternate fuels, sustainability, innovation and waste consumption, as well as represent the Indian Cement Industry at national and international fora. The Association has regularly been highlighting issues pertinent to Industry, both at the Central and State governments levels.

As CMA members, companies take home the following advantages:

Policy Platform

  • Members get a voice in representations made by CMA to Government and other organisations
  • Be part of CMA delegations and stand as one with fellow members and get an opportunity to represent concerns on various issues
  • Dedicated, vertical-focused committees that allow members to voice pertinent issues, concerns and enables debate, analysis at a micro level
  • Access a team of experts and a variety of resources to tackle regulatory issues across India
  • Participate in expert committees and task forces — CMA Committees cater to all aspects of the Industry, such as Energy and Fuels, Environment Sustainability and Technological Innovations, Mines and Minerals Resources, Logistics, Finance, Legal and Regulatory Matters, Government and Public Relations, Demand Creation and Customer Engagement
  • Participation in committee meetings provides an insight into the Industry’s issues and future projects

Voice and Networking

  • Regular meetings provide members a platform to come together to interact, share ideas and strengthen their position on various issues
  • Networking opportunities to share best practices and strengthen professional relationships
  • Form a relationship with a dedicated, sector-focused association for more relevant networking opportunities and articulation of issues
  • Networking platform to interact with key government officials at the Centre and State level and with domestic Industry players across the value chain
  • Associate with similar sector-focused associations from around the world

Information and Publications

  • CMA Members are privy to publications and newsletters as a complementary service well in advance of it being shared on our website. Publications include a Technical Newsletter, Fuels Newsletter and updates on Cement, Railways and Economy
  • Immediate access to any news or developments that impact Industry


  • Through the various seminars and workshops being organised on important subjects from time-to-time, members are acquainted with state of the art technologies, innovations and global best practices all geared to improve operational efficiencies
  • The CMA Annual Session is attended by leaders of the Cement Industry and other stakeholders. Participation in this event provides multidimensional exposure and great networking opportunities.
  • Avail exclusive, member-only discounts for CMA-organised domestic and international events, fairs and exhibitions

Global Partnerships

  • Global partnerships give members international exposure and an opportunity to foray into wider markets
  • International joint studies provide a deeper understanding of the international community and stakeholders
  • Access best-in-class research on issues that impact the sector and impact profitability
  • Attend timely and relevant seminars, webinars and workshops addressing critical industry issues, gain insights into government policies and their impact on business
  • Join CMA on visits to sector clusters and hubs around the world
  • Increase corporate and brand identity through sponsorship opportunities at CMA-promoted events and meetings
  • Explore tie-ups with international institutions

Legal Opinion

  • Members avail of legal opinion being sought by the association, when required on various important issues, which are of common interest to the Industry


  • Members avail of a strong association that can advocate their cause with policy makers in the government, including at the state level, in an effective manner whilst dealing with their concerns or building a positive image of the industry in the eyes of government or public in the stakeholders’ ecosystem