Rugby League

Inputting Scores

Step 1

Log into your passport account

Step 2

Click on 'Results Entry & Live Scoring'.

Step 3

Click on your clubs logo.

Step 4

Now you will see the Fixtures/Results screen.

You must apply the correct filters at the top of the screen to view the matches you require.

  • Make sure the date range fields are set to display the fixture/result you are looking for.
  • Please ensure that the venue field has nothing selected.
  • You can select a specific competition if you wish.

Please be aware that next time you log in your filters will remember your last selections.

Step 5

Select the fixture you require by clicking the 'Post Game' button on the right of the screen.

Step 6

In the full time score fields please input both the home and away full time score.

Click the 'Update Match Scores' button to save.

If the game was abandoned please select the 'Washout' option from the 'Results' drop down box.