Rugby League

Player Transfer Request

Step 1

Log into your passport account.

Step 2

Click on 'Membership & Competition Management'.

Step 3

Click on your clubs logo.

Step 4

Click on 'Request Transfer/Permit' on the Participants menu.

Step 5

If you are aware of the players ID then enter it in the box provided and click 'Select'

Alternatively you can search using the players surname and date of birth.

Step 6

Click 'Select' next to the name of the player you are requesting a transfer for.

Please note - be careful not to select a player with the same surname as this will delay the transfer going through.

Step 7

Select a reason for the transfer.

Depending on the league you are registering for, you may be required to enter certain information in the 'Additional Information' box.  Please check with the league for guidance if unsure on what information to enter.

Step 8

Click 'Submit Transfer'.

Step 9

The transfer will now need to be authorised by the club that the player is coming from and then finally by the player themselves.