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As of 1 September 2022 the RFL will be restructuring the prices of the UKCC Level 1, 2 & 3 Coaching Qualifications as set out below.

  • UKCC Level 1 Award In Coaching Primary Rugby League - £150
  • UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rugby League - £220
  • UKCC Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Rugby League - £900 

The RFL’s coaching qualification prices have remained at the same level since their introduction in 2008. The RFL courses still represent extremely good value for money and are extremely competitive within the sports qualifications market. We have of course tried everything we can to avoid a price increase, but unfortunately not to do so would directly affect our ability to deliver the RFL’S Coach Education Programme. 

However as part of the RFL’s Inspired By campaign designed to maximise the impact of the RLWC2021 and inspire new volunteers, any coaches who register for a coaching course before 1 March 2023 will be able to do so under the current prices i.e.

  • UKCC Level 1 Award In Coaching Primary Rugby League - £140
  • UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rugby League - £200
  • UKCC Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Rugby League - £850 

Use the links below to view details on the courses we offer:

Key Features

  • The help young players to develop their Rugby League skills correctly and safely
  • To introduce good coaching practices
  • To provide an introduction to coaching in Rugby League
  • To develop you core skills in Rugby League

What you will learn

  • How to prepare and deliver effective Rugby League coaching sessions from session cards
  • How to review your performance as a coach and seek further development opportunities
  • How to implement safety and ethic procedures in Rugby League

Using your Qualification

  • Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to seek employment/voluntary work as an assistant coach in Primary Rugby League and you will be able to support a licenced coach to deliver Primary Rugby League coaching sessions
  • This is a pre-requisite for the level two Primary Rugby League Coaching Award

Passing the course

  • Attend all of the course hours/days
  • Successfully complete the practical coaching sessions on the course which will involve planning, delivery and review of your coaching sessions
  • Complete the tasks in your learner pack

Key Features

The course forms part of a structured and progressive programme of sports coaching and offers access and involvement in introducing others to Rugby League.

What you will learn

  • Coaching principles and Rugby League ethics
  • How to plan, deliver and review individual Rugby League coaching sessions

Your L2CCRL Qualification

  • To gain paid or voluntary Rugby League coaching positions in the 13-a-side game
  • You can use the qualification as part of the development of a credible coaching CV for employment in the sport and recreation sector
  • Opportunities to progress to a Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Rugby League

Passing the course

  • Attend all of the course hours
  • Pass all sections of the multiple-choice theory assessment paper
  • Successfully complete the practical coaching sessions on the course, which will involve the planning, delivery and review of your coaching sessions
  • Sign the coaches' Code of Conduct

How to Book

If you are interested in booking on a course visit the Course Booking website or contact:

07515 753680 |

Due to the level of autonomy and responsibility attached to a qualified coach operating at this level, only candidates over the age of 18 years can apply for a Rugby Football League licence to practice independently.

Holders of this qualification who are under 18 years of age must be supervised by another licensed coach, qualified to a minimum of Level 2 or above, or a qualified teacher.

What you will learn

  • How to establish and maintain a safe and effective coaching environment
  • Understanding performance analysis and setting appropriate goals
  • Principles of designing and planning in a coaching programme
  • Delivery of a coaching programme in the performance environment
  • Evaluation and development of the coaching programme

Course Exam/Certificate

In order to complete the qualification you must:

  • Attend all of the course hours
  • Successfully complete all practical observations on the course
  • Provide evidence of the completion of pre-course and on course tasks

Application Process

All candidates who wish to enrol on the Rugby Football League Level 3 Coaching qualification must apply using the RFL application pack, which can be found in the document below.

Acceptance on the programme is subject to having held a UKCC Level 2 qualification for a minimum of two years as well two years of demonstrable coaching practice.

Candidates must also complete the standard application pack which allows them to demonstrate their current skills and experience in coaching Rugby League.

It is essential that candidates at this level of coaching can demonstrate all their coaching and professional experience enabling RFL assessors to direct the candidate onto the most suitable programme.

Working Towards

On successful completion of the identified programme, you will be offered a place, subject to agreement, on the most suitable Level 3 programme.

This mutual agreement is considered to be working towards the Level 3 qualification.

The working towards statement covers a maximum period of two years on a Level 3 programme offered by the RFL.

This requires the candidate to complete all the necessary units/modules within the agreed time frame to achieve the Level 3 qualification.

Coaches wishing to/or working in the professional game are required to engage a sponsor/mentor who will verify their commitment to achieving the coaching programme within the agreed time frames.

For more information on coaching, contact:

07515 753680 |

What you will learn:

  • The programme’s modules have been carefully devised using industry partners to develop cognitive skills in a number of areas relevant to sports coaching
  • These modules are designed to increase the awareness of and improve the application of skills to population-specific environments
  • The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the UK Coaching Framework and aligns closely with the skills and knowledge required for a UKCC level 4
  • The curriculum will cover subject areas that apply to the four generic pathways identified by the UK Coaching Certificate - Children participation coach - Adult participation coach - Talent participation coach - Elite performance coach

On completion of the course

Students who successfully complete the programme will have developed and mastered an array of cognitive and transferable skills alongside a complex blend of knowledge and theories.

The development of such knowledge and skills will enhance students’ abilities to manage and engage in informed decision-making within sports coaching.

For more information, contact Dave Rotheram on: