Rugby League

Reporting a Concern

Everyone in Rugby League is responsible for the welfare and safety of the children, young people and adults at risk who take part.

The RFL Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and Adults at Risk Policy contain the principles which must be adhered to by all clubs in the game to ensure that young people and adults at risk in the game can be healthy and happy, and able to enjoy their sport and to develop as players and individuals.

Allegations of abuse or poor practice must be reported  as soon as possible.

Any concerns about a child or adult at risk should be reported to either your Club Welfare Officer or Match Official Society Welfare Officer who will either deal with the concern through the relevant league or refer on to the RFL Safeguarding Manager.

A Cause for Concern Form should be completed regarding any concerns relating to the behaviour of any child or adult involved in or spectating at your club. These may include general concerns about a child’s welfare, concerns about bullying or poor practice, suspicions or allegations of misconduct, or allegations of abuse.

If you wish to report or discuss a concern, or if you have specific queries around Safeguarding or Child Protection, please contact our Safeguarding Manager at any time.

The RFL cause for concern reporting form can be found HERE.

Escalation Procedure

The RFL introduced an Escalation procedure during its 2021 review of its Safeguarding Policy. It is a process in which the resolution of a situation moves to a higher level of management or expertise because the situation can not be solved at a lower level.

The RFL Escalation Procedure can be obtained by emailing

Escalation Policy