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Limited Contact Rugby League

What is X-League RL?

X-League RL (Cross-League RL) is a new Social RL offer with limited contact for skill improvement and a steppingstone into and out of full contact Rugby League. X-League RL is aimed at a broad participation across different ages, genders, fitness levels and experience.

The game is played like Rugby League, but the key difference between X-League and other variants is the tackle is affected by making a touch on the ball. X-League RL has both competitive and social elements, that Delivery Partners can vary and control to meet their player’s needs.

How to Play

X-League RL is 7-a-side, with a 60m x 40m pitch dimension and 13-minute games with no halftime. The number of players can range from 5-11, as the pitch size is also adjustable.

Tackles are made by a touch to the ball. The ball carrier can fend off and protect the ball, however they cannot deliberately change the momentum of others by pushing, pulling, barging or carry the ball above head height.

Tries are scored in two ways:

By placing the ball down over the try line

When the ball carrier gets both feet in the in-goal

X-League has two modes of refereeing. In a competitive situation, games can be controlled by a single referee. In a social setting ‘Captains’ agreement’ is the preferred method of arbitration.

Please see the full rule document at the bottom of this page for further details.

Where Can I Play?

X-League RL is an example of the fantastic community work undertaken by Community Clubs and Foundations. The work carried out by these clubs has driven the incredible growth of Social RL offers.

Prospective players can contact the clubs, X-League Management Group or the RFL for more information on joining a specific team. X-League RL is a new offer, we welcome any clubs who wish to give it a try. Please see the key contacts for more information on setting up activity.

Current clubs who run X-League RL activity:

  • Brighton & Hove
  • Oldham Owls
  • Oldham St. Annes
  • Saddleworth Rangers
  • Scottish Thistles 
  • Sheffield Forgers
  • Warrington Titans
  • Warrington Warriors
  • Waterhead Warriors
  • West Oxfordshire Levellers

X-League RL Steering Group