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24 Oct 2022

Southern Conference League | Structure Update

Southern Conference League | Structure Update

Following a planned review of the Southern Conference League on the conclusion of its third full season, a decision has been made by the Southern RL Competition Management Group to move from its current two regional divisions into one Southern Premier Division.

As such, the management group are now accepting applications from interested clubs from across any of the current Southern Leagues. This includes all existing clubs.

The competition would aim to provide playing opportunities that pit the best clubs from the regional leagues against each other on a weekly basis, a higher intensity and level of rugby, and potentially, a longer playing season for those players who wish to play at a higher level.

It is hoped that the proposals will also allow the regional leagues to flourish as new teams will be able to enter the competition without the fear of having to play the well-established teams. It will also reinvigorate those leagues as new teams will have an opportunity to win their competitions, which may have been dominated by the same teams over the last few years.

Any clubs who wish to apply can request an application form from - the deadline for applications is Monday 31st October.