Rugby League

Bronze Boot

Awarded to people connected to the league in recognition for their dedication

The Bronze Boot is awarded to people connected to the Yorkshire Junior & Youth League and is a recognition for their hard work and dedication to the grass roots of Rugby League.

Do you know someone in your club who is a hard worker and does the jobs no one else wants or are they just someone who is willing to help out whenever asked?  Goes above and beyond for others?  Makes a positive difference within the game?

If you do then why not write in to the League and nominate this person for the award. 

The Award will be presented at the next Presentation Day.

Please send your nominations to:
Donna Simons

Previous winners

Year Winner
1989/90 Terry Chapman
1990/91 Colin Handforth & Mick Riley
1991/92 Geoff Hillier
1992/93 Reg Rowbottom
1993/94 Douglas Eastwood
1994/95 Derek Allott
1995/96 Carole Stancer
1996/97 Ken Thorman
1997/98 Dave Wright
1998/99 Douglas Hird BEM
1999/00 Denise Waite
2000/01 Dave Minney
2001/02 Wendy Harcus
2002/03 Barry Davies
2003/04 Maurice Robb & John Peat
2004/05 Charlie Bray
2005/06 Michelle Huntington
2006/07 Stuart Leighton
2007/08 Mick Lane
2008/09 Colin Cooper
2009/10 Craig Tucker
2010/11 Jacki Flanagan & Julia Lord
2012 Mark Farrell
2013 Sue Gumbs
2014 Michael Thornton
2015 Ronnie Smith & Mark Barlow
2016 Nikki Walton-Gray
2017 Alan Smith
2018 Paul Hirst
2019 Gemma & James Redford
2020 Suspended due to Covid-19