Rugby League


Yorkshire Juniors Postponements for all age groups


We advise clubs to contact the opposition and try to rearrange before submitting a postponement.  

25.1Teams will be allowed to postpone 2 league fixtures, and this must not be against the same team. The 2 postponements may be taken regardless of which half of the season except on a cup weekend where games cannot be postponed.

25.1.1 Teams cannot postpone or choose to forfeit both games to the same team.  A refusal to play a particular team will result in all other fixtures being suspended until the game is played, and the offending team fined as though they had forfeit the game. 

25.2 Any team wishing to postpone a league fixture or other organised game shall make the application on the correct Official Request Form not later than 9pm on Monday preceding the fixture and inform the opposition.  The form must be with the Fixture Secretary and Fixture Co-ordinator to count (this should be done electronically). 

25.2.1 A team cannot postpone a League fixture to play in another competition (except for authorised tours/BARLA cup games)